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Shadowline Cornices

What are Shadowline Cornices?

Architects and homeowners have been increasingly choosing shadowline cornices for interior designs characterised by clean, contemporary lines. Allplasta has a range of shadowline cornices that are specifically designed to create clean lines.

Many architects and builders choose to use square set with no cornice however their plaster lining contractors report a number of difficulties using square set as they discover the ceiling and walls are out of alignment. This problem is difficult to overcome and also they run the risk of increased cracking.

By using AllPlasta's shadowline cornices, it is a lot easier to install, it is more attractive and has a lower installation cost. It is reinforced with fibreglass to give strength. They have a simple and modern aesthetic that is extremely popular with today's design requirements.

Below is an example of a shadowline cornice.

Shadowline Cormice A276


Please feel free to call us to discuss anything regarding the use and benefits of shadowline cornices.