DIY Installation of a Ceiling Rose

Posted on 01 Oct, 2015

The AllPlasta Guide To  :   Installing Your Own Ceiling Rose.

A decorative plaster ceiling rose can enhance any room, and here at AllPlasta we have a large range of ceiling rose styles to choose from. But once you have got your rose, what do you do?

It really is a simple DIY Install job and anyone can do it!


The first thing to do is get your tools together, don’t worry, you don’t need many:

  1. Your AllPlasta Ceiling Rose
  2. Cornice adhesive
  3. Adhesive Spreader
  4. Drill
  5. Knife
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Dust Mask
  8. Measuring Tape
  9. Sponge
  10. Screws
  11. Nails

Once you have them, it’s time to move on to installation.




As with all these jobs, preparation is the key to success, so make sure everything is right before you start the installation.

The first job is to isolate the light fitting, this is best left to the professionals so get an electrician in to do it for you, once that is done you can then drill a hole through the center of the rose for the wiring to go through.

The next part depends on the ceiling surface you are dealing with, if the ceiling is painted or otherwise decorated, you need to deal with this before you can begin installation. For wallpaper you will obviously have to remove it from the area the rose will be fixed to, for a painted ceiling you can use your sandpaper to scuff up the paint so the adhesive can grab more effectively.


This starts with the adhesive. Mix up enough adhesive for the job according to the instructions, and then apply it to the back of the rose with the adhesive spreader. You don’t want to overdo the adhesive, else it will spread out of the edges of the rose and look unsightly, use the spreader to make neat beads of adhesive across the whole surface.

Once the adhesive is applied, you can install the rose by placing it in the correct position, being careful to ensure it is central to the light fitting, and press firmly for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to grab. To secure it until the adhesive is fully dry there are a couple of options, you can use a couple of lengths of timber to prop it up from the floor (in this case remember to place a soft cloth or other cushioning material between the prop and the rose to avoid damage), or you can use two or three screws and screw it to the joists above to keep it in place. Either way once the adhesive has fully set you can use a damp sponge to clean off any excess adhesive and clean off the rose for any decoration you wish to add.

It really is that simple to add an AllPlasta ceiling rose to your room, careful preparation is all that is needed for a perfect installation, and with our huge range of styles available, there is definitely something perfect for your home.

Buying Plaster Products Online

Posted on 04 Jun, 2015

One of the best ways to improve the look of your home is with beautiful plaster products to enhance the décor and give your designs that professionally finished look. Decorative plaster cornices and mouldings, whether it is plaster cornices or decorative wall panels, will enhance any room, and there is a design to suit any style you may have. Being easy to install and maintain is another attraction for plaster cornices and mouldings, there really is no excuse for not having them!

Plaster cornices and mouldings remain popular today providing a compliment to any style of home, with patterns and more understated designs providing a finishing touch for everything from the traditional to the ultra-modern, they are the perfect way to finish off any room. Genuine plaster mouldings also have the benefit of being very long lasting, because they use the same material as the adhesive used to fit them, any imperfections can be repaired by simply brushing plaster onto the moulding, smoothing it out with a damp sponge, in this way any joints in your mouldings can be filled smoothly and kept in perfect condition for many years.

With plaster cornice and mouldings still fitted to houses hundreds of years old and looking as pristine as the day they were fitted, decorative plaster comes with proven longevity to go with its fantastic looks and style, and it is these things that lead to many people looking for cornice suppliers and manufacturers of decorative plaster products in general for many projects, and this brings us to take a look at how plaster cornices and mouldings are purchased.

When it comes to purchasing decorative plaster mouldings, like everything else, purchasing online has grown in popularity, and whether it is art deco cornice or other plaster cornice profiles, many people are looking at online solutions for their product needs. There is no secret why, being able to take your time, view all the products you wish at your leisure and have your final choice delivered to your door is an attractive proposition, but not all online shopping experiences are the same.

Plaster Cornices AustraliaWhen buying plaster products online there are a few things to consider, quality, choice and delivery. We think our entirely in-house and handmade plaster products are the best you can find, and with over 700 products available, plus the ability to recreate your existing designs through our specialist service, there is enough choice for anyone.

Delivery can be an issue with finely detailed objects like plaster cornices and mouldings, but we take extreme care to pack everything safely and securely and deliver to the Sydney metro area, including Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Bowral, Bathurst & Wollongong. We also ship our products around Australia and to various overseas countries, and in all cases ensure everything is packaged to arrive in perfect condition.

We take customer service very seriously, and because all our plaster products are handmade we maintain our high standards whatever size of order, testament to this is the many repeat customers we enjoy throughout Australia, who return again and again for their plaster cornices and mouldings.

AllPlasta to the rescue on Television show ‘House Rules’

Posted on 01 Feb, 2015

Here at AllPlasta we recently got a taste of the highlife! Yes the fame, fortune and TV stardom is surely just around the corner now! Well, actually, our decorative plaster products were used on ‘House Rules’ and proved incredibly useful, so we wanted to talk about it, but everyone can dream can’t they?

One of the things we are really proud of is the huge range of cornice styles we offer, it covers a range of periods and vast number of designs to enable anyone to find the perfect style for their home, and a recent episode of House Rules illustrated just how useful this can be.

As I am sure most of you are aware, House Rules is a home renovation show, and a recent episode featured our website, product range and then showed the installation of our plaster cornices. During an episode the renovators came across a problem of matching an existing cornice. We have helped hundreds of people in this exact situation find the cornice then need before, and once they found our website via a search, it was clear just how much choice there was, with over 350 different cornice styles available.

The show staff used our website to narrow down the designs to a particular period, a useful feature for anyone looking for a style without having an exact design in mind, or as in this case trying to match something already in place, and then they looked through all the cornice designs of that period until they found one that matched what they were looking for.

To double check they had the right one, they printed the cornice profiles that they found similar to the one they wanted. By the way, the profiles are available on our website for every single cornice design. So, they printed out in a 1:1 scales cornice profiles and checked them against the already installed cornice, and it turned out to be a perfect match!

Plaster Cornice A207

Plaster Cornice A207

With all that done it was then a case of buying the right amount and installing it to complete the renovation job at hand.

It was nice to see the range we offer providing a solution to a problem of matching existing cornice exactly as we want it to. This is the reason why we offer such a huge cornice range in the first place of course. Seeing someone go through the process of finding the exact design they wanted, checking its suitability and then fitting it was great for us. With our high quality handmade products, the rewards for that search were there for all to see. A perfectly matching cornice made the traditional way that will look good for years to come.

There is no need to worry though, AllPlasta is not going to go all Hollywood. We will still handcraft all our products for that perfect finish and we will continue to offer our huge range of plaster products including over 350 designs of cornice alone to meet any customer needs. We will continue to offer the best service that we possibly can, no matter how big or small that order may be.

Seemingly disparate design styles can be blended together beautifully

Posted on 06 Nov, 2014

An interesting project by interior designer Christine Hamilton made a splash in the Telegraph, a renovation and remodeling behind the original façade of a Manly Federation home.

One of the key aspects of this project was the disparate tastes of the clients, the husband preferring a French provincial look whilst the wife seeking more contemporary clean lines, and using our range of cornices and plaster moldings to blend the two concepts together.  By pairing beautiful handmade cornice and ceiling rose with a marble floor in the living area and kitchen the varied influences do not seem out of place, but work well together to form a design that works wonderfully. With a project where the clients demanded the very best of materials, we at AllPlasta were proud to supply the handmade moldings needed for this special project.

The finished home blends all kinds of styles together that many will tell you do not work, but obviously do when you see it, and Christine was able to create something very unique by focusing on what her clients were after and not what the rules say we should do when it comes to design.

Whilst not all of us are in a position to be rebuilding our homes with marble floors and so on, this exquisite home does have something for all of us to learn from though, and that is our concept of what is ‘right’ when it comes to the way we decorate our homes. We at AllPlasta may be a little biased of course, but we think plaster moldings are beautiful, timeless pieces that are long lasting and a lovely finishing touch to a room, and many people often agree, but think that their home isn’t suited to these kinds of design touches.

Nothing is further from the truth though, you can blend different design influences together and find new styles all of your own, what really matters is whether it appeals to you, not what you ‘should’ do, where the decoration of your own home is concerned. And that is perhaps the point, it is your home, if you like it, that is all that should matter, Christine’s clients, with the help of her design experience, created a wonderful blend of styles and ended up with a completely unique look to their family home that they will enjoy for years to come. It is that concept that should be followed, choose styles you enjoy, whether the various elements are supposed to work together or not.

If you have a lovely, modern, clean design to your rooms, there is nothing stopping you adding a more traditional touch to it if that is what you fancy. With a range of over 350 cornice designs and hundreds of other beautiful plaster products such as ceiling roses and ceiling domes, we think we have something to compliment any home. Whilst a ceiling rose is seen as traditional, they do work well with many modern styles and add that finishing touch to a room that is sometimes lacking.

DIY Installation of Cornices

Posted on 25 Aug, 2014

Our plaster cornices and moldings provide an excellent addition to any home, complementing any style of décor and creating a professional, finished look to any room, but one of the questions we often see is whether DIY installation is feasible.

The short answer is yes, the long as is still yes, but with some instructions to go with it!

Before you start

The first thing to do is get your tools together, don’t worry, you don’t need many:

• Your AllPlasta Cornice
• Cornice adhesive
• Adhesive Spreader
• Measuring Tape
• Mitre Box
• Fine Toothed Saw
• Sponge

Once you have them, it’s time to move on to installation.

Cornice Installation

Preparation is everything when doing a job like this, so it’s time for the tape measure and pencil! Measure and mark where the bottom of your AllPlasta cornice will be, so you have a guide when installing it. Then measure the length of each wall to work out how much cornice you will need for each one.

Sort your cornice for each wall, it can be helpful here to mark on the back of each length which wall they will go on, although for a small room this probably isn’t necessary.

At this point it is time to cut the corner pieces, and although this is the bit that tends to worry many, this is not difficult, just take your time with it.

Using your mitre box, place your cornice in upside down, with the bottom edge at the top of the box. Then it is simply a question of using the guides to cut the cornice accurately. Cutting plaster is not a problem if you use a fine toothed saw and only use the forward motion of the saw to cut. That is, only put pressure on the blade as you push forwards, and allow it to drag back without any weight. This will ensure a nice clean cut, just be patient. You can always practice on an offcut first to get the hang of it.

Remember, for an internal angle, the long point is at the bottom, for external, it is at the top.

With everything measured up, cut, marked up and sorted, it is time to put up the cornice. Fitting it is actually straightforward, mix up some adhesive, spread a bead along the top and bottom edges of the back of the cornice, and along edges that meet other sections, such as the mitres. Do one piece at a time, mix and apply the adhesive, and simply press it into place. When you are happy with its position, leave it for around half an hour to set. For longer pieces of cornice it is possible to support it with temporary nails that you can knock in just below the bottom edge to hold it in place should sagging be a problem.

Final Steps
First take out any temporary nails if you used them, and smooth off the adhesive at joins and mitres before it fully hardens, you can clean the whole cornice down with a damp sponge to remove excess adhesive and ensure a good surface for decorating.

And that is it! Cornices look great and are easy to fit, just a bit of care and planning required really, AllPlasta have such a huge range of cornices to choose from, there really is something for everyone, so what are you waiting for?

Freighting around Australia and the World

Posted on 25 Aug, 2014

Plaster cornices and mouldings are a great addition to any home fitting in with any style of decor or colour scheme you may choose. Although today there are various manufacturers producing similar products in other materials such as plastic, nothing can match the attractive, easy to repair and maintain, easy to fit and beautiful finish associated with genuine handmade plaster products.

Finding a cornice supplier can be difficult. Not everywhere has easy access to a good range of handmade decorative plaster cornices, or other decorative plaster products, and that is a problem for anyone looking to purchase them. Of course, these days the ability to shop for more or less anything online has become commonplace and this remains true for decorative plaster products. However, the nature of the products themselves means that once you have found a suitable cornice supplier getting the products to you is not always straightforward.

Many decorative plaster products contain intricate details that can be damaged during transport. Sturdy wings and packaging need to be fitted to avoid damage during transit. Receiving a damaged product is obviously very disappointing as we all want our products to arrive in perfect condition. Here at AllPlasta, we recognise these issues and have gone to great lengths to ensure our shipping methods result in satisfied customers and perfect products when they arrive.

Whether you are ordering our plaster cornices, decorative wall panels, Art Deco cornices or other decorative plaster products, we carefully package all items to minimize the chance of any damage and ensure their safe arrival. We are experienced in sending our plaster cornices and mouldings across Australia and New Zealand, and can count hundreds of satisfied customers as testament to our care and diligence when shipping our products. With the confidence we have gained from this we now offer our range of products to an even broader audience, and have recently sent our handmade plaster mouldings to Singapore, Dubai and Thailand with customers receiving their orders without incident.

Dubai Store with AllPlasta Products

Dubai Store with AllPlasta Products

For anyone seeking out genuine handcrafted decorative plaster products this is obviously a major help. In many places these kinds of products are being replaced with alternative materials that can never replicate the look and longevity associated with genuine plaster cornices and mouldings. Customers, wherever they are, can take advantage of our varied range of stock as well as our custom created decorative plaster products that we can tailor for any of our products to suit specific project requirements. We can even create something entirely unique from your own ideas.

We take a lot of special care in the shipping our products as we do in making them, so no matter where you are, you can be sure that when choosing from our range of over 700 products, they will arrive at your door in perfect condition. Not only do we consider our plaster cornices and mouldings the very best available, we also pride ourselves in having the very best customer service available too. Take a moment to browse through our online store and find something to suit, safe the knowledge that it will arrive in perfect condition.

Plaster Products to Complement any Style of Décor

Posted on 20 Jul, 2014

Plaster cornices and mouldings provide an excellent addition to any home, complementing any style of décor and creating a professional, finished look to any room. From Art Deco cornices to Victorian cornices, plaster cornice profiles provide a huge variety of looks to suit any room or colour scheme, whilst decorative wall panels and other decorative plaster mouldings can add design variety in any situation.

However, there is a huge choice of plaster cornices and mouldings available on the market, and many people can end up little confused as to what products are and which will provide the best finish. In terms of decorative cornice products there are many variations available today, both in terms of material and manufacturing techniques. There are many places offering cornices and mouldings in a variety of materials, including polyurethane plastic and even polystyrene! Polystyrene has several disadvantages for use as a decorative moulding, mainly it always looks like polystyrene. Polyurethane plastics are often put forward as a best material to be used for decorative cornices and other mouldings, however although lightweight and often comes with a slight price advantage there are just as many disadvantages. From a longevity point of view the main one is the ability to repair it, plaster products can be repaired easily by mixing up more plaster adhesive, brushing it on fills any cracks, can smooth out any joins and makes maintenance simple. Maintaining plastic products is usually a matter of replacing them, in addition products made in this material lack the variety of profiles and designs available in plaster.

Plaster itself is a proven material with plaster cornices still in perfect condition after hundreds of years in use to be seen all over the world. However even here there are variations in plaster cornices and mouldings, with many products being produced via machine-based methods, and whilst retaining most of the benefits of plaster, lack the traditional finish and quality control that people who choose plaster are looking for. Anyone seeking the very best in decorative plaster products will be searching for handmade plaster products, it provides a higher quality product that is easy to maintain and allows a broad range of customisation and adjustment to suit any specific requirements when needed, for instance in a room with curved walls, allowing decorative plaster products to be used where nothing else would be possible.

Finding that handmade facility is not necessarily easy though, we are proud to say that everything we sell is handmade here on site, and one of the reasons our products are being purchased by people from ever further distances, including Dubai and Singapore, is that it is not only the very best way to make decorative plaster products but is increasingly hard to find.

Here at AllPlasta we make all our products in our own facility and are handmade in the traditional methods. Because of this we feel we have an advantage in terms of finish, quality and versatility that is unmatched in the industry. Although we do carry some stock majority of our orders are manufactured to suit, so you may have to wait a few days for your plaster cornices mouldings, but the quality will make it worthwhile.

Plaster Reproduction. Restore it's former glory!

Posted on 23 Apr, 2014

Plaster products can greatly enhance the look and appearance of a home. With their ability to make a home look elegant and beautiful, plaster products have become the preferred choice of countless people all over the world. While plaster products are used for aesthetic purposes, there are many other benefits of using plaster products.

Durability is one of the most important factors that have contributed to the popularity of plaster products.  With their durability, plasters products can survive for many, many years. However, over time, certain wear and tear or accidental damage is unavoidable. It’s not uncommon to see damaged plaster products in residential and commercial buildings.

Plaster Reproduction

When it comes to renovating or extending a home, one of the biggest challenges faced by people is to find the identical plaster products. Over a period of time, the construction of some plaster products designs may even be discontinued. Moreover, many plaster products get damaged over time and restoring them to their original shape and design may prove to be a difficult task. This is where the services offered by a reliable plaster products reproduction service provider may prove to be very useful.

As one of the leading names in the industry, Allplasta specialises in providing top-quality handcrafted plaster products to its customers. We also offer a very popular Plaster Reproduction service. This offers a very useful option to those who are renovating or extending their homes. We specialise in reproducing any damaged or discontinued plaster products. With our ability to replicate almost any profile including ornate plaster cornices, we ensure that all damaged plaster products are restored to their original design and condition. By paying attention to minutest details, we ensure that end product meets the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Working with a commitment to excellence, we ensure no harm is caused to original plaster products. Working with a team of qualified and skilful professionals, we ensure that all requirements of our clients are met in a convenient manner. We make it easier for our clients to restore any plaster products to their original condition at an economical price. Our top quality plaster reproduction services have been used by countless clients including architects and property developers. Focusing on customer care, we ensure that best results are provided to our clients. For more information on plaster reproduction and other related services, give us a call on (02) 9627 6550.

Who is Australia's Favourite Plaster Product Supplier?

Posted on 21 Sep, 2013

Allplasta has become an Australian market leader in terms of quality, design & customer service. We produce the highest quality plaster cornices, plaster ceiling roses and other plaster products, and have done so for over ten years. We are always developing new and exciting plaster moulds for all categories of products. Recently we have added more than 30 new cornices, and wall panels to our range. Check out our products in our online catalogue. You can also buy our products online in a few easy steps.

All of our products are handcrafted from sharp, detailed moulds. Our methods reflect traditional materials combined with modern manufacturing efficiency and attention to detail that is rarely found elsewhere. Just look at the detail in any of our finished plaster products!

We also specialise in creating detailed custom products, specifically for architects, interior designers and home decorators. These services include heritage work, restorations and reproductions. Anything is possible!

Exciting New Products Added

Posted on 27 Jun, 2013

Allplasta has become an Australian market leader in terms of quality, design & customer service. We produce the highest quality plaster cornices, plaster ceiling roses and other plaster products, and have done so for over ten years. We are always developing new and exciting plaster moulds for all categories of products. Recently we have added more than 30 new cornices, and wall panels to our range. Check out our products in our online catalogue. You can also buy our products online in a few easy steps.

All of our products are handcrafted from sharp, detailed moulds. Our methods reflect traditional materials combined with modern manufacturing efficiency and attention to detail that is rarely found elsewhere. Just look at the detail in any of our finished plaster products!

We also specialise in creating detailed custom products, specifically for architects, interior designers and home decorators. These services include heritage work, restorations and reproductions. Anything is possible!