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AllPlasta to the rescue on Television show ‘House Rules’

Posted on 01 Feb, 2015

Here at AllPlasta we recently got a taste of the highlife! Yes the fame, fortune and TV stardom is surely just around the corner now! Well, actually, our decorative plaster products were used on ‘House Rules’ and proved incredibly useful, so we wanted to talk about it, but everyone can dream can’t they?

One of the things we are really proud of is the huge range of cornice styles we offer, it covers a range of periods and vast number of designs to enable anyone to find the perfect style for their home, and a recent episode of House Rules illustrated just how useful this can be.

As I am sure most of you are aware, House Rules is a home renovation show, and a recent episode featured our website, product range and then showed the installation of our plaster cornices. During an episode the renovators came across a problem of matching an existing cornice. We have helped hundreds of people in this exact situation find the cornice then need before, and once they found our website via a search, it was clear just how much choice there was, with over 350 different cornice styles available.

The show staff used our website to narrow down the designs to a particular period, a useful feature for anyone looking for a style without having an exact design in mind, or as in this case trying to match something already in place, and then they looked through all the cornice designs of that period until they found one that matched what they were looking for.

To double check they had the right one, they printed the cornice profiles that they found similar to the one they wanted. By the way, the profiles are available on our website for every single cornice design. So, they printed out in a 1:1 scales cornice profiles and checked them against the already installed cornice, and it turned out to be a perfect match!

Plaster Cornice A207

Plaster Cornice A207

With all that done it was then a case of buying the right amount and installing it to complete the renovation job at hand.

It was nice to see the range we offer providing a solution to a problem of matching existing cornice exactly as we want it to. This is the reason why we offer such a huge cornice range in the first place of course. Seeing someone go through the process of finding the exact design they wanted, checking its suitability and then fitting it was great for us. With our high quality handmade products, the rewards for that search were there for all to see. A perfectly matching cornice made the traditional way that will look good for years to come.

There is no need to worry though, AllPlasta is not going to go all Hollywood. We will still handcraft all our products for that perfect finish and we will continue to offer our huge range of plaster products including over 350 designs of cornice alone to meet any customer needs. We will continue to offer the best service that we possibly can, no matter how big or small that order may be.