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Freighting around Australia and the World

Posted on 25 Aug, 2014

Plaster cornices and mouldings are a great addition to any home fitting in with any style of decor or colour scheme you may choose. Although today there are various manufacturers producing similar products in other materials such as plastic, nothing can match the attractive, easy to repair and maintain, easy to fit and beautiful finish associated with genuine handmade plaster products.

Finding a cornice supplier can be difficult. Not everywhere has easy access to a good range of handmade decorative plaster cornices, or other decorative plaster products, and that is a problem for anyone looking to purchase them. Of course, these days the ability to shop for more or less anything online has become commonplace and this remains true for decorative plaster products. However, the nature of the products themselves means that once you have found a suitable cornice supplier getting the products to you is not always straightforward.

Many decorative plaster products contain intricate details that can be damaged during transport. Sturdy wings and packaging need to be fitted to avoid damage during transit. Receiving a damaged product is obviously very disappointing as we all want our products to arrive in perfect condition. Here at AllPlasta, we recognise these issues and have gone to great lengths to ensure our shipping methods result in satisfied customers and perfect products when they arrive.

Whether you are ordering our plaster cornices, decorative wall panels, Art Deco cornices or other decorative plaster products, we carefully package all items to minimize the chance of any damage and ensure their safe arrival. We are experienced in sending our plaster cornices and mouldings across Australia and New Zealand, and can count hundreds of satisfied customers as testament to our care and diligence when shipping our products. With the confidence we have gained from this we now offer our range of products to an even broader audience, and have recently sent our handmade plaster mouldings to Singapore, Dubai and Thailand with customers receiving their orders without incident.

Dubai Store with AllPlasta Products

Dubai Store with AllPlasta Products

For anyone seeking out genuine handcrafted decorative plaster products this is obviously a major help. In many places these kinds of products are being replaced with alternative materials that can never replicate the look and longevity associated with genuine plaster cornices and mouldings. Customers, wherever they are, can take advantage of our varied range of stock as well as our custom created decorative plaster products that we can tailor for any of our products to suit specific project requirements. We can even create something entirely unique from your own ideas.

We take a lot of special care in the shipping our products as we do in making them, so no matter where you are, you can be sure that when choosing from our range of over 700 products, they will arrive at your door in perfect condition. Not only do we consider our plaster cornices and mouldings the very best available, we also pride ourselves in having the very best customer service available too. Take a moment to browse through our online store and find something to suit, safe the knowledge that it will arrive in perfect condition.